Indiana Retirement Seminar

Learn the Secrets to a successful Retirement in Indiana

About the Seminars

Each seminar is led by a licensed professional, well experienced in the retirement world. There is no cost to attend, and dinner is provided. A seminar can seem intimidating to some people – but just know that there is no pressure to purchase anything because there is nothing being sold.

The Indiana Retirement Seminar is designed to share retirement advice for Hoosiers. In the seminar, we discuss procedures to take control of your retirement, new changes to Social Security that could fundamentally affect you and your family, and advice on how to pass resources on to your grandchildren. You’ll also determine if you’re settling on budgetary choices based off of basic realities rather than feelings or missing data.

This seminar is designed for individuals, or couples, who are looking for information on preparing for retirement. If you do not have a retirement professional, this is the perfect time to learn about what questions to ask and what steps you should be taking with your money now.

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